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DAN introduces 2024 interns



Divers Alert Network is proud to introduce its 2024 summer interns – Ian Reardon, Darby Lambert, Joseph Fox, Daniel Kim, and Karen Berchtold.

The DAN internship programme was launched in 1999 to give qualified candidates valuable experience in dive safety research. While the programme is still research-oriented, its scope has expanded over the years to include projects that focus on other facets of DAN’s mission to help divers in need of emergency medical assistance and to promote dive safety through education.

Today, DAN interns participate in a range of activities, including field work, lab studies, training programme development, and other projects that contribute to dive safety.

Ian Reardon, Research Intern

Ian Reardon is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania who is pursuing dual bachelor of science degrees from The School of Nursing and The Wharton School. An Eagle Scout with a love of the outdoors, Ian is an emergency medical technician in his hometown in New Jersey as well as a runner and avid tennis player. Ian is a Rescue Diver and recently became an FII certified freediver. During his internship, Ian looks forward to delving into the science of dive medicine.

Darby Lambert, Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Intern for Marketing

Darby is a junior at Florida State University where she is studying marketing. She was recently certified as a Rescue Diver and a Divemaster. Darby grew up in Austin, Texas, and moved to St Augustine, Florida, at age 12. In addition to diving she enjoys various water sports and outdoor activities including wake surfing, hiking, and fishing. She plans to make a career that will allow her to leverage her knowledge of both marketing and diving.

Joseph Fox, Research Intern

Joseph is a veteran of the U.S. Army, where he served and deployed as a linguist and tactical medicine instructor. Joseph is pursuing a career in medicine and plans to continue serving military personnel and veterans as well as the international community. His professional interests include providing care to those in aerospace, hyperbaric, and other austere environments.

Daniel Kim, Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Intern for Safety Services

Daniel is a recent graduate of Cornell University and is currently applying to medical school. He is a NAUI Cave I Diver and Master Scuba Diver as well as an AAUS Scientific Diver. Daniel spent summers at Shoals Marine Laboratory where he expanded his knowledge of marine biology, and he logged more than 1,000 hours working as an EMT during college. He has spent the past year working as a technician at the University of Pennsylvania’s emergency department and the past few months working as a hyperbaric chamber attendant.

Karen Berchtold, Research Intern

Karen is a health sciences and technology student who just completed her bachelor’s degree at Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich and is about to begin her master’s degree. She currently lives in Switzerland but spent the first 17 years of her life in Brazil. Karen started diving at 19 and spent four months last year doing volunteer work in marine conservation at Marine Conservation Philippines, diving daily. She is a Divemaster and a TEC40 diver and is excited to merge her passion for diving with her degree in health sciences during her internship at DAN this summer.

At DAN, interns are more than just an extra set of hands; they are partners in research, medical services, and programme development. Students work closely with seasoned professionals to gain valuable insights about a future career in dive medicine, hyperbaric research, or dive safety. The internship provides students with hands-on experience to help them decide which field of study is the best choice for their interests and skills. 

DAN is proud to give back to the dive community through this work with interns — these future dive leaders are an essential part of DAN's ongoing mission to promote dive safety through research and education.

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