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DAN Europe to launch new summer tour focused on sustainability


DAN Europe is embarking in a new, exciting roadtrip this summer, promoting sustainable lifestyle and corporate responsibility within the diving industry.

With much of the tourism and sports industries stuck due to lockdowns all around Europe, some may think now it’s not the best moment to launch a tour. However, ocean protection has long been overdue, and DAN believes there’s no time to lose.

Plans for the initiative were developed during the pandemic. The tour will have two passionate scuba divers and DAN Europe Ambassadors, Manu Bustelo and Alana Alvarez, travel some 11,500km across Europe in an electric vehicle. Along the way, they will meet and greet with stakeholders (institutions, policy makers, like-minded corporations) and the whole diving community (divers present at major dive sites, dive centres, shops and bases, equipment manufacturers, dive training agencies) addressing three major threats – increasing C02 levels, plastic and chemical pollution, and biodiversity loss – to boost change.

In recent years, DAN Europe has adopted a more-sustainable approach, addressing issues such as ocean conservation and plastic use reduction, now incorporating these values into its new mission statement.

“Sustainability is a driving force globally, directing strategies and decisions now, and the diving industry is particularly concerned. We’re happy to have DAN Europe embrace this project and drive the change we all need,” declared Manuel.

“As divers, we all share the love and owe for our underwater world, and want to do our utmost to protect it. We’re embarking on the tour with this in mind,” said Alana.

The tour is set to launch early in June, and will last until November 2021. More info about project, itinerary, and partners can be found at Sustainable Tour Website

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