Project AWARE’s Our Ocean Conference is set to take place in Bali on 29 and 30 October, where one of the key discussion points will be marine pollution.

The fifth edition of the conference is being hosted by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and will see Project AWARE – among world leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, young leaders and civil society – gather to:

  • Share its unique underwater perspective
  • Celebrate #OneMillionLess – a milestone reached in 2018, thanks to an army of dive volunteers, by Project AWARE’s flagship citizen science program: Dive Against Debris®
  • Launch #NextMillion2020 with a commitment to local actions for global impact. Project AWARE’s goal is to: Add the next million pieces of debris to the global Dive Against Debris dataset by the end of 2020, to mobilise local communities and continue to build evidence of the scale of the global marine debris crisis.

The conference will also ‘convene Heads of States, Ministers, and champions from various backgrounds’ to:

  • Talk about significant progress on past ocean commitments;
  • Inspire new commitments made for the continuation of more concerted and integrated actions for protecting the ocean.

Project AWARE aims to ‘represent the voice of a global community of debris activists and work with partners who share our vision for a return to a clean and healthy ocean.’

Our Ocean, Our Legacy is the theme of this year’s Our Ocean Conference

Read more about Project AWARE here.


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