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Cortez Expeditions collaborate for Asher Jay’s Adventure in Baja


Cortez Expeditions

British-owned and operated Cortez Expeditions collaborates with National Geographic explorer and content creator Asher Jay for her Adventure in Baja.

Cortez Expeditions' Luke Inman said: “We get to collaborate with some incredibly talented and gifted people at Cortez Expeditions. Some folks really leave an impression… our first meeting with Asher Jay involved a great deal of swearing, laughter, inappropriate wit, and candor. Jay handles flight delays, cancellations and lost baggage with brazen humor, fueled by cocktails from the lounge.”

He added: “Asher is the cackling eye of entropy, who thrives in chaos, by having fun when things fall spectacularly apart. At the core of all her messages lies an intuitive, emotionally evocative recognition of the deep soul connection we harbour with nature.

“The Sea Lion pups at Los Islotes mugged Asher of her GoPro and one toddler even managed to piggy back a ride on her. Despite Jay’s ability to be taken advantage of and mocked by the wild younglings, we managed to make her look like she was on top of things when we sat her down for an interview.

“We can’t wait for Asher to travel south and visit us again. Maybe next time, the mobulas will play whac-a-mole in the big blue with her.”

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