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Coral Guardian launches training programme for coral reef protection


Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian is offering a training programme, Blue Centre, dedicated to any project leader wishing to develop their own coral reef restoration project around the world.

In 2015, Coral Guardian launched its pilot project for participatory marine conservation around Hatamin island, near Komodo National Park in Indonesia. The project’s success is defined by positive social and environmental indicators, such as the involvement of local communities in restoring the coral ecosystem they depend on for a living, and the involvement of people worldwide thanks to the ‘Adopt a Coral' programme.

Since the beginning, an official marine protected area has been created on site, with nearly 38,000 corals transplanted and 30.2 times more fish on the restored area in just four years. Thanks to this success, the NGO now wishes to pass on its knowledge and thus accompany other project leaders in developing their own coral reef protection and restoration project.

Coral Guardian

In response to the ecological and social crisis we are currently going through, Coral Guardian wishes to share its expertise acquired in the field over the years, and accompany other actors wishing to develop their own coral restoration project.

For this purpose, the NGO has created a training programme, the Blue Centre, which provides support, on a one-off or regular basis, whether on theoretical or practical bases, in developing a participatory marine conservation project.

Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian also offers financial support.

Several candidates have expressed their wish to be accompanied by Coral Guardian in the implementation of their project. Two projects have so far been selected and are now part of the Blue Centre programmes, starting in 2020.

The first project, called ‘SOS Corals’, will take place in the Mediterranean region, in collaboration with the local entity Equilibrio Marino, and responds to the degradation of marine resources due to anthropological pressures, in particular due to the pollution of abandoned fishing equipment in the Mediterranean Sea.

Coral Guardian

The second project, called ‘Ancestral Anchors’, will take place in the Caribbean region in partnership with the local entity Sistema Natural, and which also responds to the degradation of the local ecosystem following the increase in tourism in the region.

Coral Guardian is currently looking for financial partners that are interested to commit to these two projects, and the NGO remains open to any other project leader interested in joining the Blue Centre programme.

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