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Christmas Gift Guide: Scuba Diver Divewear, in Conjunction with Fourth Element


It’s Christmas! Time to start thinking about that special someone (or yourself, if you’ve been good and deserve a treat!) and to give you some food for thought, we’ve assembled all manner of scuba-related stocking fillers to tease and tantalise. We’ll be sharing our Christmas gift ideas throughout December, so stay tuned!

The perfect stocking filler! Scuba Diver has teamed up with divewear maestros Fourth Element to release a range of T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with some eye-catching designs. 

The initial range comprises of two unisex T-shirt designs in six different colours and a unisex hoodie in two colours. The hoodies – which bear a tag with the slogan ‘They said I was trash but now I’m fashionable’ – are made from a material that comprises salvaged waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing, which are shredded and then blended with recycled plastic bottles.

The T-shirts are priced at £24.95 including P&P, and the hoodies are £49.95 including P&P. Subscribers get an additional benefit – T-shirts for £20 (Incl. P&P) and hoodies for £40 (incl. P&P).

Our gear content is sponsored by Mike’s Dive Store, the UK’s premier dive retailer. For all your diving needs visit them in-store or online for your diving, freediving, snorkelling and servicing.

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