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Christmas Comes Early As O’Three Gives Away Free Dive Goodies


Christmas has come early for customers of diving brand O’Three, with free gifts on offer for those snapping up dive gear.

For every £250 spent the company is giving away a red envelope that holds a random free gift inside such as PBB Base layers, kitbags, drybags, hoods, gloves and hoodies.

Customers buying a drysuit will receive a gold envelope containing free gifts, but also has a drysuit up to the value of £950. 

Valid from 15 November to 31 December.

Check out www.othree.co.uk/xmas17 for more info.

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Lorna Dockerill
Lorna Dockerill
Lorna fell in love with scuba diving back in 2011 during a trip to Thailand and Australia. Having always dreamt of seeing a sea turtle in the wild, her dream was realised on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef while training to become a certified diver. Since then she’s developed a passion for the natural world, writing about wildlife photography – both the on land and underwater kind – for the past eight years.

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