This week’s video comes from scuba diver Danny Oreilly as he and his girlfriend Charlotte explore the dramatic caves and caverns of Sardinia…

“In November 2017 myself (PADI MSDT) And my girlfriend charlotte (PADI DM) went over to Sardinia just of the coast of Italy for 10 days to explore the country’s incredible caves and caverns along with its outstanding and diverse marine life, we had sightings of hunting tuna, moray’s, pipefish, nudibranchs, and beautiful reefs and corals. Plus, to top it off, inside the caves were preserved Deer bones from over 100 thousand years ago.”

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Sardinia 1

Our video wall is sponsored by Paralenz, and each week we’ll be posting a video either from the guys at Paralenz or a guest video picked from our user-generated uploads showcasing the best of diving, conservation, travel and more!

Paralenz are the ‘new kids on the block’ when it comes to underwater action cameras, but they bring a serious piece of kit to the table that is loaded with benefits and can rival any other action camera on the market. The main feature allows you to throw away your traditional filters, as their DCC software corrects colour on the fly to produce stunning videos. Other action cameras are built to be used for anything from skiing to surfing, but diving is a unique sport that places extreme demands on the gear used, both in terms of durability and usability. The Paralenz POV Action Camera is built for one purpose – diving – and is perfectly suited to survive in the rough and tough conditions of a gear bag or on any adventure you may take it on!

Key Features

Get all the colours without colour filters

The most light-sensitive underwater action camera

Automatically start and stop recording

Battery for several dives

Waterproof to 200m/656ft

Use the click-mount system for fast and easy mounting

Fixed-mount system that connects to ball mounts, tripod mounts and more.

Simple enough for anyone to operate

Switch to Paralenz today – and start bringing the colour back into your videos!

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