Plastic rings around beer cans are to become a thing of the past thanks to Carlsberg.

The beer brand is becoming one of the first brewers to do away with plastic rings in packaging, with the firm announcing that its beer cans will now be glued together instead.

The move by the Danish company is said to be a ‘world-first’ and will decrease the ‘use of plastic to package products by 75 per cent,’ according to the Telegraph.

Carlsberg claims that the blobs of adhesive bonding the multi ‘Snap Packs’ of cans together are strong enough to withstand the shop to customer journey, but also easy enough to break when twisted.

The eco-friendly packaging, which has undergone a three-year development process, will be debuted in the UK and is being supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

When the new Snap Packs are introduced worldwide, Carlsberg will reduce its plastic use by 1,200 tonnes per year.

Head of sustainability at Carlsberg, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, told the news outlet: “It’s glued together so you can’t actually see the packaging. It’s almost not there, and that is what is extremely exciting from a sustainability perspective.”

Myriam Shingleton, vice president of product development at Carlsberg, said: “It’s a global problem and we are very happy we are at the front end to propose that.

“As always in Carlsberg we will not keep this for ourselves. I’m sure other players will follow when they see that – and that’s a very exciting journey if more and more players are coming.”

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