The Coniston Challenge sees sighted people completing a running, walking or kayak-based challenge in aid of the Guide Dogs for the Blind – and this year, for the first time ever, there is a diving element.

Co-ordinated by DiveLife, who have been given special dispensation for the diving challenge – which takes place on 14 September at Bailiff Wood in Coniston – it will be based on three levels.

The dive will last for one hour and reach a maximum depth of 18m. Each level will consist of an amount of time diving with a blacked-out mask (i.e. diving blind).

Level one is the hardest, and will see the diver diving blind from start to finish of the dive. Level two will have the diver spending about half of the dive blind, i.e. they will ascend blind. Level three will have each diver spending at least ten minutes blind.

Each diver will be required to have two normal masks with them, as well as all of their normal scuba-diving kit. Divers taking part should be experienced – minimum 100 dives – and have dived in a similar environment previously (i.e. cold water with limited visibility, and in darkened conditions).

The ‘blind’ divers will all be accompanied by a buddy who will work with and support them during the dive.

The DiveLife team are going to hold practice sessions in the pool and at the Capernwray inland dive site.

Click here to support the challenge through the JustGiving page.



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