May is one of the best months of the year to visit the Southern Red Sea. The cooler water brings many pelagics closer to the reefs and the so why not sail away onboard the ever popular, Hurricane and save £250 on this great trip to Daedalus Rocky and St. Johns

Daedalus, the first of the big wall dive sites looms large. Daedalus is the place for exhilarating drift dives and the first shark sightings. Be it hammerheads, grey reefs or thresher sharks there is plenty of reason to keep a watchful eye to the blue. At Rocky and Zabagad slender coral towers and plunging drop offs are the order of the day. St Johns is only a short hop away where diving is a thrilling mixture of sunken reef tops, steep walls and shallow caves systems.  Returning north does not mean the end of this itinerary. The succulent coral gardens of Fury Shoal and Wadi Gamal are just as spectacular and finish the week with an exclamation mark.

Direct flight to Marsa Alam, all fees, 12 L tank & weights and FREE NITROX are included in your package


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