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Blue O Two brand celebrates 20th anniversary


blue o two

The Blue O Two brand was created in an out-building on a farm in 2003. Only in their wildest dreams did the creators think, many years later, they would be celebrating its 20th birthday. But dream they did, and the brand lives on.

Over the last 20 years, the brand has been on an incredible journey. There have been some wonderful highs and some almighty challenges along the way. Their strapline – ‘creating inspirational experiences' – became a reality for tens of thousands of divers. And they supported the launch of boats in the Red Sea which set the standard in liveaboards for many years.

The challenges for the brand were varied, to say the least. From the Icelandic volcanic eruption in 2010, to two partner airlines collapsing, to the revolution in Egypt – the list goes on. Topping it all was Covid, which adversely affected most businesses around the world. Throughout all this time, however, the brand persevered.

Over the past 12 months, customers from across the globe have loved getting back in the water. Divers from the USA, Spain, Australia, South Korea, France and Germany (to name just a few) have joined their core customer base from the UK. Customers ranged from school groups to divers in their 70s. Sightings have been momentous on some trips. In August, one customer even spotted a new manta and was able to name it.  

The brand’s founders want to recognise the support of their customers over the past 20 years. And so, throughout 2023, they’ll be marking their anniversary by saying thank you – with giveaways, treats and gifts. They’ll also be launching exciting new products for their customers to choose from.

The first gift will be in their Christmas card this year. Sign up to the newsletter before 21 December if you want to get the first of their 20th anniversary giveaways.

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1 year ago

Maybe they could say thank you by giving us back the thousands of pounds we lost when they went liquidation and then started up a “new” business the next day.
I think this is a pretty inappropriate article given how they have treated their customers.


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