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Blue Bay Divers 10th Anniversary


Blue Bay Divers 10th Anniversary

Blue Bay Divers 10th Anniversary

2021 will mark the 10th anniversary for Blue Bay Divers and there liveaboard KLM Sunshine. They are, however hoping to be open for business and welcoming guest back to their beautiful island a lot sooner than next year.

Blue Bay Divers are offering a 20% Discount and flexible Cancellations Procedures for KLM Sunshine XMAS 2020 Special.

For the 10th adversary next year, Anke Andree the managing director of Blue Bay Divers had this to say.

Why only dream of you next Holiday? At Sahaung and KLM Sunshine, we will celebrate 10 Years of Operations. Therefore, we have set up a special new trip.

Blue Bay Divers 10th Anniversary

At the end of July and August 2021, we want to dive the west coast of Sulawesi’s. We start as usual in Sahaung, Bangka, North Sulawesi and cruise via Kwandang and Toli Toli to Dongala. Deboarding in Dongala, here you can either continue diving at the local Dive Resort or make a Tanah Toraja trip or fly from Palu back to Manado or Makassar. 

The return trip is then the other way around, boarding in Dongala and deboarding in Sahaung. Here you can hang out in our resort for a few more days.

Blue Bay Divers 10th Anniversary

Blue Bay Divers are currently riding out the Coronavirus Pandemic on the picturesque island of Sahaung where their resort is situated. 

Anke said of the situation:

Our team is of the utmost importance to Blue Bay Divers and KLM Sunshine. We are nothing without our fantastic staff. Therefore, as long as possible, we have decided to accompany our team through the crisis with full employment and full catering.

At the moment and for several weeks now, we have protected ourselves, our families and the people around us by isolating Sahaung and we will not leave the island until the situation here in Indonesia allows it. Contact with the outside world has been limited to food and material supplies.

Blue Bay Divers 10th Anniversary

We eat healthily, play sports and work on beautification projects to welcome you back to Sahaung and KLM Sunshine.

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Photo Credit: Blue Bay Divers

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