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Dare you ride Bruce the shark?

New for 2022, the GO Diving Show sees the addition of Bruce the bucking rodeo shark, and all donations for riding him are going...
exhibitor listings

GO Diving Show exhibitor listings now live

The GO Diving Show 2022 exhibitor listings are now up and live on the website - who are you most looking forward to seeing...
Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall headlines GO Diving Show

TV favourite Steve Backshall is the keynote speaker in a positively star-studded line-up at the forthcoming GO Diving Show, which is taking place at the NAEC Stoneleigh from 4-6 March. Steve...
photo workshop

Photo workshops at GO Diving Show

Underwater photography guru Martyn Guess will be conducting two photo workshops at the GO Diving Show on Saturday 5 March - space is limited,...

Ready for the NoTanx Cave Freediving Challenge?

NoTanx have been teaching breathing and relaxation for sport for over 20 years, and have shown that the ability to lower your heart rate...
Diving Emergency Medical Responder

Become a Diving Emergency Medical Responder at GO Diving Show

Chantelle Newman will be conducting The Diving Medic Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) practical course at the GO Diving Show on Sunday 6 March. The...

Extra sidemount trydives added

Sidemount trydives at the GO Diving Show are always extremely popular, but such was the demand this year, we have added an extra instructor and extra...
Oli van Overbeek

Tech Stage Speaker: Oli van Overbeek

TECH STAGE speaker: Oli van Overbeek - 'The Rise of the Techreational Diver’ Oli van Overbeek is a UK-based dive pro with 20-plus years diving...
Youth Panel

Youth Panel takes to Main Stage at GO Diving Show

Andy Torbet will be talking to a Youth Panel of teenage divers, who will be seeking to inspire The Next Generation of divers and...
Jason Brown

Photo Stage Speaker: Jason Brown

PHOTO STAGE speaker: Jason Brown - '10 top tips for better wreck photos' What came first? Photography or diving? For professional photographer Jason Brown, it’s...
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