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THE COMMERCIAL DIVER: In at the deep end

Since my last article, the commercial diver training year has come to an end, but not without its own dramas, but more about that...


Lembeh, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Mecca for macro. I came to this haven for the craziest-looking creatures in the sea with the fantastic photographer...

THE COURSE DIRECTOR: Why Diving Instructors should follow PADI Standards

I always say that you can compare PADI with other companies like Subway, Starbucks or Apple. Like PADI these companies focus on high quality...

Duxy joins Emperor Divers with new 2018 Red Sea trips

Emperor Divers has teamed up with Paul ‘Duxy’ Duxfield for 2018 to bring some relaxing trips suited to divers who like flexibility and, of...
Dive like a pro

DIVE LIKE A PRO: Weighting

Our panel of experts tackle the subject of WEIGHTING, and offer up a host of helpful hints and advice to ensure you can maximise...

Data from the deep – scientific expedition with Sonia Rowley

Our-World Underwater Scholar Mae Dorricott reports from an expedition to Pohnpei to work with renowned biologist Sonia Rowley   With my face glued to the car...

MARK EVANS: Going to DEMA? Stop by booth 1902 and say hello!

For anyone heading to the DEMA trade show in Orlando, Florida, from Wednesday to Saturday, be sure to stop by booth 1902 and pick...

PROJECT AWARE: United Nations Wildlife Treaty outcomes for sharks and rays

Over 90 governments attending the 12th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention of the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild...

MARK EVANS: The October issue of Scuba Diver is here!

The bumper-sized 132-page October issue of Scuba Diver magazine is arriving now into your local dive centre or, if you get it via subscription,...

MARK EVANS: Iceland’s Silfra dive site lives up to expectations!

The Scuba Diver team were in Iceland with Magmadive (www.magmadive.is) last week, and while adverse weather conditions meant we had to can the humpback...

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Scuba Diver Magazine #41

Scuba Diver Magazine #41 – OUT NOW

Scuba Diver Magazine #41 Contents News - Survey of the Solomon Islands coral reefs,beluga whales flown from China to Iceland, Emperor Divers back in the Maldives...
air integrated dive computers

Air integrated dive computers

paddle boarders

Paddle boarders have unexpected encounter with tuna


Expect your rubbish back if you litter in Thailand

Three Lakes Challenge

The Three Lakes Challenge