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Drysuit diving helpful hints and advice - DIVE LIKE A PRO

Drysuit diving hints and advice – DIVE LIKE A PRO

Our panel of experts tackle the subject of DRYSUIT DIVING, and offer up a host of helpful hints and advice to get you comfortable,...
Lockheed Tristar

MARK EVANS: First dives on Lockheed TriStar in Aqaba

So the Lockheed TriStar is finally down and in place as the latest dive site in Aqaba in Jordan, and it is certainly an...

DIVE LIKE A PRO: Finning techniques

This month, our panel of experts tackle the subject of finning techniques, and offer up a plethora of helpful hints and advice to get...
octopus bite

How to deal with an octopus bite: Incident insights #6

Payal Razdan looks at a case where a female diver has received an octopus bite as she tried to return it to the water...
Scuba Diver Medical Q&A: Can You Scuba Dive After Suffering From a Collapsed Lung?

Scuba Diver Medical Q&A: Can You Scuba Dive After Suffering From a Collapsed Lung?

Question Over 22 years ago, when I was 19, I had a spontaneous bilateral pneumothorax. This was not related to any illness or defect, it...

Proper propulsion – 5 finning techniques to improve your diving

Finning is one of the four core skills of scuba diving and yet there is often confusion as to which style of kick you...

How to correctly transport a scuba tank

Since 11 September, tighter flying regulations exist. Still, terrorist attacks occur, like the Russian airplane crash above northern Sinai a few years ago. Smuggling...

Divers Ready – The Death Mask

In this episode of Divers Ready, host James Blackman tries out one of the full-face snorkels which has caused so much controversy in the...
cold water diving

Dive Like a Pro: What you need to know about cold water diving

Photographs by Mark Evans, Byron Conroy and Garry Dallas As we are in the depths of winter, it seemed only right that our Dive Like...

DIVING LAWYER: Red Tape or Life Boat: Part 3

In this, the third and final article in this series, lawyer Andrew Tonge continues his review of the 2nd Edition of the Approved Code of...

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Scuba Diver Magazine #41

Scuba Diver Magazine #41 – OUT NOW

Scuba Diver Magazine #41 Contents News - Survey of the Solomon Islands coral reefs,beluga whales flown from China to Iceland, Emperor Divers back in the Maldives...
air integrated dive computers

Air integrated dive computers

paddle boarders

Paddle boarders have unexpected encounter with tuna


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Three Lakes Challenge

The Three Lakes Challenge