Divers can now encounter skeletal pirates scrubbing the decks or planning their next plundering mission when they visit the BVIs.

As reported by Scuba Diver back in July, after the devastating Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, the British Virgin Islands are now turning hurricane-destroyed vessels into very unique dive sites through the non-profit organisation Beyond The Reef.

beyond the reef 1

The legendary floating bar Willy T has been transformed into a pirate ship playground, complete with skeletal pirates going about their daily business, a crow’s nest and other pirate paraphernalia. It is a fun photo location for all levels of diver.

The Willy T will be joined by three derelict airplanes from the airport that have been turned into half-airplane/half-sharks.

beyond the reef 2

In addition to creating new reefs for marine life and new dive sites for tourism, money generated by these wreck sites will go back to benefitting the local community through generating donations for children’s swim lessons.

Members of Beyond the Reef were heavily involved in the sinking of the BVI’s now-famous Kodiak Queen ‘Art Reef’ a couple of years ago.



beyond the reef 3


  1. We sat and watched Beyond the Reef sink this wreck then we went down for a look at their work. A lovely dive, great for youngster as its not too deep and there is plenty to see and interact with. Sit at the bar with the pirate skeletons, sit in the crows nest or walk the plank.


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