Beuchat Voyager XL

All travelling divers need a good dive bag to transport all of their precious diving equipment – and a few clothes – but you don’t want something that screams ‘I have expensive dive kit inside’, and you don’t want something that eats half your luggage allowance when empty, enter the Beuchat Voyager XL.

Beuchat Voyager XL

The Beuchat Voyager XL is a two-compartment roller bag with an adjustable telescopic handle that is ideal for transporting all of the dive kit needed for a warm or even temperate water location, along with clothes and essentials, but it is emblazoned with subtle logos, and it only weighs 3.5kg.

It is made from ripstop 600 denier and 1000 denier nylon/PVC – the light but tough ripstop material is coated with polyurethane to make it waterproof.

It has a semi-rigid thermoformed EVA back shall, which is lightweight but provides an extra degree of protection for your equipment.

Beuchat Voyager XL

The main compartment has a mesh side pocket and drainage vents, and it is more than capable of swallowing a whole host of kit.

The secondary compartment is designed for your dry gear, and has a lower pouch and interior retaining strap.

There is an outer compression strap to keep everything tight and in place, and a handy outer document holder with a coated zip and carry strap.

Beuchat Voyager XL

There are foam-filled handles on the top and side to aid with lifting it in and out of your vehicle, etc, and there are even removeable rucksack-style straps if you really feel the need to hoist something this size on to your back!

We have used it on several trips now, and it rolls nice and easily on the red over-moulded wheels. It appears to be withstanding the rough and tumble treatment of the airlines very well, with no discernable marks or damage.

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Beuchat Voyager XL - Scuba Diving Equipment Test
beuchat-voyager-xl-scuba-diving-equipment-testBeuchat Voyager XL - Scuba Diving Equipment Test
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