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Best Places To Dive During August

Sponsored Post - Mexico is ideal for summer diving, with great white sharks at Guadalupe and marine megafauna at the Sea of Cortez.


Mexico is our top dive destination for August, as the great white shark season has begun at Guadalupe and the conditions are excellent in the Sea of Cortez. These are two world-class destinations for marine megafauna at this time of year.

Sea of Cortez
Sea lions at the Sea of Cortez. Credit Bill McGee & Rocio del Mar liveaboards

Dive With Sea Lions & Whale Sharks, Sea of Cortez

Liveaboard diving in Mexico is extremely popular and is all about encounters with large pelagic life. The Sea of Cortez diving season runs from July to October and is great for both reef diving amongst small species and diving with large marine life. The most well-known attraction of the area is the curious sea lions that come close to divers, plus the playful juvenile sea lions that are present during August and September at El Arrayo, Punta Martir.

The sea of Cortez also has whale sharks and jumping mobula rays to enjoy at this time of year. The reefs are not to be missed amongst all the ocean giants, and are covered with sponges, corals, sea fans and many species of nudibranchs. The Rocio del Mar offers 7-night safaris to explore the best of the Midriffs Islands, Sea of Cortez.

Great white shark at Guadalupe. Image credit Solmar V.

Cage Dive With Great White Sharks, Guadalupe

The great white sharks of Guadalupe are world-famous, visited by Shark Week film crews often, and this island paradise is one of the best places in the world to dive with them. Guadalupe liveaboard diving offers cage diving with great white sharks in crystal clear warm waters, where divers can enjoy the sharks interacting with each other.

Liveaboards that visit Guadalupe will maximize your time in the water with the sharks; with cages open for diving from the early morning until dinnertime. Divers can spend many hours in the water and dive at depth or at the surface, depending on their experience level and preference.

August is a great month to visit and experience the energetic male sharks of Guadalupe and get to know some of the 171 different individual sharks known around the island.

The Solmar V liveaboard offers 4-night great white shark cage diving safaris and currently has 30% off August 2018 departures.

Find out more about these and other August diving highlights in Best Places to Dive During August.

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