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Beatrice Rivoira joins the TEKCamp team


TEKCamp 2018 has taken a massive step forward with the announcement that popular Italian OC and CCR instructor Beatrice Rivoira will be joining the instructing team at this year’s event. Set to take place at Vobster Quay between 3-6 September 2018, TEKCamp 2018 is an award-winning tech ‘masterclass’ event that will transform your diving and give you the best possible start in your technical diving career.

Having started diving at the tender age of just 16, Beatrice is now an active and well-respected TDI technical instructor who teaches open circuit and CCR classes around the world. She has made it her mission to enthuse the next generation of divers and ‘ocean advocates’ through outreach educational programmes and the dive show speaking circuit. Her aim has always been to inspire more and more young people to follow her love for diving and to protect the ocean environment.

Beatrice holds a Masters Degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography. In 2013, she worked with Francesca Notari to co-author the book Biodiving, a comprehensive reference guide to the diverse marine life in the Mediterranean. When she’s not teaching or co-authoring books, Beatrice gets involved in exploration and research projects. Most recently, she has turned her attention to both the study of biological colonisation within a new cave system and the exploration of a recently discovered deep wreck. TEKCamp attendees can look forward to hearing more about these projects when the event returns this September.

Tickets for TEKCamp 2018 are selling fast, but there’s still time to get involved. For more information, visit the TEKCamp website

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