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Diving Socorro

Diving Socorro, the Mexican Galapagos

Socorro – a true ‘bucket list’ destination if ever there was one! This group of four islands is located in the Pacific Ocean, some 370 miles...
Manatees Kissing

Behind-the-Scenes Scuba Diving With Manatees

David Jones is entranced by the manatees of Crystal River, and says it is an experience that everyone should have at least once in...

5 Tasks for the Scuba Diver to do in Isolation

Divers Ready - 5 Tasks for the Scuba Diver to do in Isolation As you can probably guess from the title, this video will be...

Divers Ready Channel Update

James Blackman from Divers Ready is back with his latest Channel Update - and great news, his ear has healed after the recent surgery...

Raja Ampat 2020 – The Bug Dreamer Collection

The Bug Dreamer, AKA Marcelo Johan Otaga brings you. Epic Raja Ampat 2020 Indonesia offers some stunning sights both above and below the water, for the...

Best cutting tools for scuba divers

James Blackman from Divers Ready turns his attention to safety again in his latest video, and looks at the best cutting tools for scuba...
Rare Images of Port Jackson Sharks Mating

Rare Images of Port Jackson Sharks Mating

Photographer Nicolas Remy was in the right place at the right time and managed to capture some Extremely rare Images of Port Jackson Sharks...
Weston-super-Mare Fundraising Branch Chair, Peter Elmont

The Blackwater Diving Photography

Take a Journey Through the Blackwater Diving Photography. Our night sea is alive with incredibly diverse and mysterious subject matter that is rarely seen. Blackwater...
Fantastic Rays of the Andaman Sea

Fantastic Rays of the Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea is Home to Numerous Fantastic Rays In this article, I wanted to present the various rays you can encounter in the Andaman...
DeeperBlue podcast

Winter diving at Julian Rocks in ANZ Byron Bay

Diving at Julian Rocks in ANZ Byron Bay, winter diving at its best Byron Bay is synonym with surfing and chilled beach life but not...

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Diving With Manta Rays

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