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Trim dive like a pro

Trim – Dive Like A Pro

In this video we are focusing on trim and in the end I'm going to be giving you my one single biggest piece of...
10 reasons to dive the Egyptian Red Sea

10 reasons to dive the Egyptian Red Sea

Red Sea aficionado Mark Evans has dived the length and breadth of Egypt over the past 20-odd years, and here he showcases 10 of...
Breathing - Dive like a Pro

Breathing – Dive like a Pro

This week we are focused on breathing. I'm going be giving you my single biggest instructor level tip to help you get your scuba...
Scuba Dive at Drawna Rocks (9)

Scuba Dive at Drawna Rocks, Porthkerris Dive Centre

We head down south to the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, for a shore dive with a monster reputation - Drawna Rock Photographs by Mark Evans...
Farne Islands dive briefing

Farne Islands diving above 18m gets the seal of approval

About Farne Islands While there are plenty of scenic reef and the odd wreck dive around the Farne Islands, these little specks of land just...
Dive Briefing at Porth Bafarch

Dive at Porth Dafarch, west coast of Anglesey in North Wales

Mark Evans is a long-time fan of Anglesey, and one of his favourite dives off this North Wales island is the sheltered little bay...
Aqua Lung i200C hot lime colour in use by a scuba diver

Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer

Aqua Lung i200C (SRP: £299) Introduction Mark Evans: Dive computers from Aqua Lung just keep on coming, and the i200C represents fantastic value for money...
Barotrauma in Bonaire

Pulmonary Barotrauma in Bonaire Dive

About the Bonaire Diver On a recent trip to Bonaire with his dive club, Rick (a pseudonym) was completing his fourth dive of the day,...
The Sea Dragon Mini 1000F imaging and dive light

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1000F

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1000F (SRP: £165) SeaLife describe this compact little unit as an LED photo/video/dive light, and it really is a Jack of...
Aqaba Latest Artificial Reef

Aqaba latest artificial reef – Lockheed TriStar

The Jordan coastal city continues to evolve its artificial reef scene, adding a gigantic Lockheed TriStar civilian airliner into the mix Photographs by Mark Evans The...

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COVID-19, Monty Halls

COVID-19 – escape the virus and travel the world with Monty...

Obviously, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the planet, now is not the time to be actually travelling to those exotic far-flung diving destinations,...

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