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I've spent the last 9 years working behind the scenes at Sport Diver connecting businesses with consumers in the UK dive market.
How To Get Diving Fit

Dive Like a Pro: How To Get Diving Fit

Too many of us will have been taking it easy through the cold, winter months, and might have overdone it on the mince pies...

Scuba Diving Courses: The Diver Progression Explained

The best piece of marketing for a Scuba Training agency is their course progression chart. Like an addictive video game, they want you to...

Cruise Triton Bay With Whalesharks

Dive in the centre of Marine Biodiversity It is hard to imagine with Indonesia being a renowned diving paradise, but hidden off the southwest coast...
Bare X-Mission Drysuit Review

BARE X-Mission Drysuit The Coolest Name In Diving

BARE X-Mission (SRP: £1,330) The BARE X-Mission wins the ‘cool name for a drysuit’ competition hands down – X-Mission, sounds very Special Forces! It actually...
cold water diving

Dive Like a Pro: What you need to know about cold water diving

Photographs by Mark Evans, Byron Conroy and Garry Dallas As we are in the depths of winter, it seemed only right that our Dive Like...

Cressi Travelight BCD : The Divers Ready Review

We are reviewing the Cressi Travelight BCD in Bimini in the Bahamas! Check out the specs on the Cressi Travelight here: http://bit.ly/2ohYtM1 Thanks to Leisure Pro...

Back Plate Wing (BPW) Vs Jacket-Style BCD: A Scuba Gear Showdown!

Looking to buy your first BCD to add to your Scuba Gear setup? We're giving you 5 similarities and 6 differences between jacket-style BCDs...
Best Raja Ampat Dive Sites

7 Best Raja Ampat Dive Sites

Indonesia has some amazing diving locations, and in this article, we're going to look at the best Raja Ampat dive sites to add to...
Scuba Diver #33

Scuba Diver #33 OUT NOW

Scuba Diver #33 Read the latest news, equipment reviews and travel reports in Scuba Diver #33, out now in all good dive stores or read...

The Socorro Vortex & Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Part 4

The fourth and final episode in the Guadalupe series that Hayley & Richard from Black Manta Photography have showcased during their three days The...

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