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Hate Your Dive Instructor Salary Being 💩? Here’s 4 Passive Income Ideas for Scuba...

How much money is the average dive instructor salary? The easy answer is not much. Here are 4 ways a Scuba Diving Professional can...
Top 5 Tips for Open Water Drivers

5 Tips for Open Water Divers

You can't learn to scuba dive through the INTERNET! You've just finished your Open Water Scuba Certification. What's next? This Mouthpiece Monday, we are giving you our...

How to Build A Save-A-Dive Kit for Scuba Divers

What's in your Save-A-Dive kit? Here is practical information that can save-your-dive! And Key Largo's beautiful reefs! And an awkward Husky! And a sleepy...
PADI 5 Star Scam

The PADI 5 Star Scam + 10 Ways A Good Dive Center is REALLY...

5 Star Scuba Diving Center! Luxury! Service! Actually, it doesn’t mean that at all. I’m breaking down the PADI requirements for being one of...
What is Technical Diving

What Is Technical Diving?

Technical Diving. Without a doubt, the question I get asked the most. What is Technical Diving? What makes a dive 'Tec'? I am a Technical Diving Instructor....

Proper propulsion – 5 finning techniques to improve your diving

Finning is one of the four core skills of scuba diving and yet there is often confusion as to which style of kick you...

Solo Diver Vs The Insta-Buddy… 5 Tips For the Best Experience

Solo Diver Vs The Insta-Buddy I've been faced with the Solo Diver Vs Insta-Buddy scenario quite a bit recently, as my wife, my favorite dive...
Greg from Scuba Radio

Top Tips For Selecting A Good Scuba Mask

Before You Buy Your next Scuba Mask... Hear us out If you're new to diving or looking to upgrade your dive gear, here are seven...
The One Scuba Diving Accessory To Get

The One Scuba Diving Accessory To Get

A Scuba Diving Accessory that might just save your life Safe Scuba Diving is all about risk management. We accept the inherent dangers of humans...
Dive Instructor Ranks 24 Scuba Specialty Courses

Dive Instructor Ranks 24 Scuba Specialty Courses

How can you tell which ones are worth your time and money? This dive instructor is separating the good, from the bad, from the...

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