Fancy sleeping with the fishes? Well now you can, when a lavish $10 million hotel floating above the Great Barrier Reef opens its doors – and reef suites – this weekend.

The two two-person-occupancy reef suites at Hardy Reef sit around 4m below the surface, and the three-inch-thick glass, floor-to-ceiling viewing windows allow the occupants an uninterrupted view of the surrounding reef and its inhabitants.

reef suites 1

Tourism Minister Kate Jones described the hotel and reefsuites as a ‘game changer for the local tourism industry’ and said: “This will be one of the most-iconic tourism experiences in Australia.”

The project – the brainchild of Cruise Whitsunday and the Queensland Government – began in 2017 when the floating pontoon was rebuilt after being damaged by Cyclone Debbie.

reef suites 2

Luke Walker, from Journey Beyond (parent company of Cruise Whitsunday) explained: “Today is a landmark moment for Australia. We are extremely privileged to have access to such a truly breath-taking and remote part of the country, and to provide both local and international guests the chance to gain a deeper appreciation of our wonderful Great Barrier Reef.”

If you want to stay at Hardy Reef, you will be looking at $799 per person, and that includes transfers (from Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach), water activities, meals and drinks. For more information or to make a reservation, check out their webpage.


Photo credit: Journey Beyond


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