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Australian scuba brand Oceanpro launches unique eco-packaging design



Not only is Oceanpro the only Australian-owned-and-operated scuba brand, they are leading the charge among all scuba brands internationally with their committed effort to remove all plastic from their packaging, to focus on developing reusable packaging and to use recycled materials in their products where possible. They are also committed to running their distribution operations in the most-sustainable manner possible and are continually looking to partner with vendors, organisations and customers sharing the same ethics around driving change.

“Continual improvement and a drive to lead change is our unwavering goal and commitment to the Australian and International marketplace,” says Adrian Briggs CEO.

“The world’s oceans and waterways are the playground for our customers, our staff and our products. The growing amounts of plastic in our oceans is one of the single greatest environmental disasters in history, so it’s not simply an obligation for a company whose commerce is driven by the ocean to consider their actions around plastic, it’s an absolute unwavering responsibility to make change.”


Eco friendly packaging

Many development hours, sampling runs and prototype testing has been spent on moving their products towards eco-friendly packaging, and they are only just beginning. Briggs says: “It’s certainly not without its challenges given the historical nature of how suppliers operate, but we are making headway and truly believe we are leading the charge in the dive industry globally. Eliminating single-use plastic packaging and moving away from plastic packaging entirely is the ultimate goal.”

Oceanpro 1


Solar powered warehousing

Back in 2017, in their continual pursuit for clean efficient operations, the Oceanpro warehousing facility installed 120 x Trina Honey 250W multi-crystalline high-efficiency solar panels. Fully compliant and certified with Energy Safe Victoria and the Clean energy Council of Australia, the Oceanpro facility is now running on 80–90 percen solar power, with 100 percent their focused goal for the future.

Oceanpro 2


The future

It obvious that helping the environment isn’t just a buzzword at Oceanpro. They live and breathe their philosophy of taking steps every day, in everything they do to foster their goal, and in their own humble way, are trying to help keep our planet and our oceans clean for many generations to come.

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