Got a cleaning job involving water tanks? Call in the Army!

A seaside aquarium is looking squeaky clean thanks to a group of Army scuba divers from Suffolk.

Great Yarmouth’s Sea Life Centre, which houses sharks, turtles and other marine life, is in top condition after soldiers from Woodbridge in Suffolk helped staff at the centre by cleaning the tanks while practising their dives.

They’ve been cleaning the glass so that visitors at the centre can have a better view of wildlife in the tanks.

The centre is cleaned weekly, and Shane Breadmore from the Sea Life Centre told the BBC that its of mutual benefit for both parties.

“They’re helping us by cleaning it, but they’re also getting that experience of being able to dive with beautiful black tip reef sharks and they get to see a lot of creatures that they might not normally get to see,” said Shane.

The divers are used to Mediterranean waters for their assignments, which can involve explosives and removing obstructions underwater. 

Main image: Stock photo by David Clode


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