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Aqua Lung Celebrates 75 Years of Innovation and Conservation

Aqua Lung – a name synonymous with invention – is turning 75. We take a look back through the years to see how it all started.


Aqua Lung – a name synonymous with invention – is turning 75.

There are few companies with as rich of a history, heritage, and passion for our oceans as Aqua Lung. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, the company is both known as a true pioneer and the leader in innovative products in the dive, snorkel, and swim world.


A timeline of excellence

It all began in 1943 when French Naval Officer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Air Liquide engineer Emile Gagnan developed an autonomous diving system with a demand regulator, (scaphandre autonome) – later named the “Aqua Lung.” Prior to this invention, the underwater world was virtually a mystery, craving much needed discovery, attention, and preservation. This was the ground-breaking piece of equipment that made underwater exploration possible, and kick-started the company’s deep commitment to revolutionise scuba diving and continually improve, develop, and acquire products and companies to further the pursuit of adventure, exploration, and recreation on and underwater.

Over the decades, the entire industry has benefitted from Aqua Lung’s impressive timeline of success as they set industry standards for technology, safety, design, and comfort. Connected to the original vision of the founders, today’s leaders of the company are equally passionate divers bringing to market innovative products and paving the way for the next 75 years.


Committed to conservation

With 75 years of experience and dedication to ocean and water environments, Aqua Lung is known for its commitment to conservation. While Aqua Lung’s products have empowered people’s ability to discover, learn, and embrace the vast underwater world, the company is looking to the future with a positive outlook on our global oceans. Brand Ambassadors Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau lead the way by raising environmental awareness on a global scale through powerful content, advising on sustainability, and political activism all for the mission of long-term ocean health.

While few companies truly change the world, Aqua Lung was key to unlocking 70% of our globe, and through an unyielding commitment to create technically advanced products to pursue their mission, the company continues to lead by example. The future is bright.


About Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung is located in Vista, California. The company’s rich history as an expert in the dive and water sports industry has led to the demand of Aqua Lung equipment for recreational, technical and military applications in more than 90 countries around the world, under the brand names Aqua Lung, Aqua Sphere, MP Michael Phelps, Apeks, O.ME.R, U.S. Divers, and Stohlquist. For more information, visit Aqua Lung Website.

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