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Apeks VX1 Scuba Equipment Review


Apeks VX1 Scuba Equipment Review

Mark Evans: In the past, Apeks has had masks, but they have generally been basic products just branded up with the Apeks name. Now, finally, the company which prides itself on making top-quality, high-performing products has a mask that is worthy of that Apeks logo.

Apeks VX1
Apeks VX1

The Apeks VX1 from Apeks Diving has a frameless construction, which creates a lightweight and low-volume mask which is easy to clear and equalise. What Apeks call ‘advanced skirt geometry’ is designed to minimise facial pressure points during long-duration dives. Matte and gloss areas on the silicone skirt create a better seal and improve fit and comfort.

This might all sound ‘fancy talk’, but in reality, I can tell you this is one of the most comfortable masks I have tried in a long time. I like single-lens masks, but in the past, everyone I have tried from different manufacturers has pressed on to my forehead. They just didn’t work for the shape of my face. However, the VX1 fits like a dream!

Apeks VX1 mouth piece
Apeks VX1 mouth piece

There are quick-release buckles with stainless-steel rollers mounted directly into the premium, surgical-grade silicone skirt. This means you can fold it flat into a drysuit pocket as a back-up mask, if needs be. They are easy to adjust, with a one-touch button on the top – easy to use, even with thick neoprene gloves on.

Apex vx1

The mask comes in a robust zipped protective case, with a karabiner attachment on one end, and has a comfortable silicone strap, as well as an additional neoprene strap for those who prefer that style.

Apex vx1 protective case
Apex vx1 protective case

The VX1 is available in two colour schemes – black skirt with a gloss-black insert around the lens, and a white skirt with a gloss-black insert around the lens. So, Darth Vader look, or a Stormtrooper… You decide.

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Apeks VX1 Scuba Equipment Review

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