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American designer creates wetsuit that looks like a tux


American designer Thom Browne lets you tap into your inner ‘Bond’ with his new creation – a wetsuit that looks like a tux!

The downside? The unique wetsuit, called Trompe L’oeil, or Optical Illusion, costs a whopping $3,900! And it is already sold out.

According to Browne: “Sky. Sea. Sand. At the water’s edge we are presented with nature in lines and layers. It is a segmented geometry, resolute and definitive. And yet, from the intersection of these parts the horizon expands: a mystery, an optical trick, an apparent line. For a surfer the horizon is both beacon and curse, a signal of the next incoming set or harbinger of a day without motion. It is an enigma among constants.”


Photo credit: Wayne Lawrence

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