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Discover Amazing Diving in Raja Ampat.


Discover Amazing Diving in Raja Ampat.

Images by Meridian Adventures Dive Resort.

As of 1st December 2020, Raja Ampat in Indonesia is the epicenter of the planet’s richest marine biodiversity and hosts over 80% of all the world’s coral species! Photos and videos simply cannot fully capture the beauty of diving in Raja Ampat and this vast underwater paradise.

Diving in Raja Ampat - Meridian Adventure Dive
Diving in Raja Ampat – Meridian Adventure Dive.

While some of the world’s rarest sightings make their way through the cyan color nuances of water, the reef is boundlessly alive and continually in motion. Tiny fish scamper across the tops of soft corals, weaving along with the current in this untouched jewel of a dive destination.


Discover pristine coral reefs when you go diving In Raja Ampat
Discover pristine coral reefs when you go diving in Raja Ampat.

A different type of scuba diver.

Diving in Raja Ampat attracts a different kind of person – one that invests in diving to make a difference! This MAD bunch of divers are serious about doing their research about the type of dive operators and resorts that they book.

Raja Ampat scuba divers are doing it right!

Anchoring yourself at a resort instead of a liveaboard has become more appealing and popular for diving in Raja Ampat, and for good reason.

Meridian Adventure Dive Resort’s first-of its kind eco-conscious, customized, low-emission dive boats and tenders will get any tech junkie and reef lover giddy! Our boats include reef radars, chart plotters and no anti-fouling, which enables scuba divers to visit a vast amount of dive sites in hours instead of days.

Our dive boats do not anchor near dive sites, as anchors can cause considerable damage to the coral reefs, which are slow growing and can take years to recover fully.

After an eventful day of visiting dive sites with zero footprint, exploring mangrove channels and reefs, watching out for stingrays, manatees and even saltwater crocodiles, take a dip in the pool with a freshly made cocktail and enjoy our modern barefoot luxury resort.

Discover Amazing Raja Ampat with Meridian Adventure Dive.
Discover Amazing Raja Ampat with Meridian Adventure Dive.

Diving in Raja Ampat to make a difference.

Investing in local businesses will become key to future tourism, ensuring the people who reap the profit are also custodians of the region – having the prosperity of both the people and the natural area at the heart of everything they do.  We are merely visitors to their home and we need to ensure we leave nothing of ourselves behind, whether that be waste, unwanted traffic or damage to their way of living.

“At Meridian Adventures Dive Resort, we genuinely believe in One Planet | One Community | One Ocean. We cannot wait to welcome our guests and diving enthusiasts back into our waters.”

How do you ensure you stay where it matters?

Our hotel has been built with low traffic in mind, with only 30 rooms, we’ve never been focused on bringing the masses to Raja Ampat. Small, intimate groups bring forth a more enriching experience and allow us to take you to those unknown hidden dive spots in Raja Ampat, without disrupting the ecosystem that surrounds us.

Meridian Adventure has been focused on eco-tourism since its inception in 2017, but we have taken time during lockdown to reflect on ways to enhance the message. By improving the ways we work and finding more sustainable operations, we help future generations avoid the same mistakes we have made in the past.

Amazing Raja Ampat

About Meridian Adventure Dive.

Situated in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Meridian Adventure Dive is a PADI 5 Star Resort and winner of the PADI Green Star award. Scuba divers enjoy our professional services that have become synonymous with both the PADI and Meridian Adventure names.

The sweeping spine of Indonesia’s archipelago is an underwater treasure trove, and the Raja Ampat Islands are often overlooked. Raja Ampat is one of Indonesia’s most captivating diving grounds and is truly a paradise on earth.

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