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Agincourt Ribbon Reefs Diving with Silversonic



Diving the Agincourt ribbon reefs with Silversonic

The Point Dive Site Agincourt Reef - Silversonic Series Port Douglas
The Point Dive Site Agincourt Reef – Silversonic Series Port Douglas

The Agincourt ribbon reefs are widely regarded as amongst some of the best quality dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef, and the best part is they’re easily accessible for day dive trips from Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland. They’re also the home of Silversonic, a 29 metre dive and snorkel catamaran operated by the multi-awarded Quicksilver Group.

What makes the Agincourts so good?

Silversonic Divers looking at a Clownfish
Silversonic Divers looking at a Clownfish

Situated at the very outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, the Agincourt reefs are a small chain of ribbon reefs, running parallel to the Continental Shelf. Adjacent to the Coral Sea trench, clear outer reef water provides the best possible underwater visibility, encourages rich coral growth and supports spectacular marine biodiversity.

Silversonic’s exclusive permits

Agincourt turtle
Agincourt turtle

With over 35 exclusive World Heritage sites to choose from, each day trip Silversonic visits three different remote Agincourt dive sites, which are selected to suit the day’s conditions and to provide the best experiences to showcase the beauty, diversity and just some of the sheer magnitude of the Reef. Three sites, three dives!

You’ll be doing so much more than finding Nemo! With Agincourt dive sites like Turtle Bay (yep you’ll probably meet a large loggerhead turtle here!), diving along a reef wall with numerous small grottos at The Gap and the stunning Nursery Bommie – a 24 metre pinnacle considered to be one of the best sites in the area, divers of all levels will be excited by the range of experiences these magnificent sites present.

There’s even the aptly named Wreck with sandy lagoons littered with coral pinnacles and an old fishing boat wreck to discover. All dives are guided to maximise experiences and all dive gear including wetsuits are provided. Silversonic caters for certified and introductory divers and adventure snorkellers.

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

Silversonic Snorkellers
Silversonic Snorkellers

Fancy the freedom of adventure snorkelling in a remote marine wilderness anyone? A day with Silversonic is all about being in the water and experiencing the magical underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, whether diving or snorkelling. Before grabbing your snorkel gear (all provided) there’s a snorkel brief at each reef site, and also lifeguard supervision. Access to the water is easy from the aft submerged platform.

At the third site of the day, join the complimentary guided snorkel tour. Following the informative site brief, this interactive tour will take you over shallow coral gardens, beautiful bommies and areas of interest along the way. The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes. You’ll raise your environmental awareness and the need to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Swim with the Minke whales

Sonic Minke Whale
Sonic Minke Whale

One of the added bonuses of travelling with Silversonic is the opportunity to swim with minke whales if encountered. Silversonic has one of the few permits available from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. While nature is never guaranteed, July to September is the peak season to encounter the inquisitive mink whales as they frequent the Agincourt ribbon reefs. A truly unforgettable and unique in-water experience.

Travel in style and COVID safe

Silversonic Diver Nursey Coral
Silversonic Diver Nursey Coral

Silversonic ticks all the boxes. Great boat and facilities, quality reef sites, minke whale permit, and with Advanced Ecotourism and climate action accreditation, you’re travelling with expert locals that care and know these reef systems intimately.

With additional COVID Safe precautions in place, you can enjoy your Silversonic dive experience in confidence. In between water activities, relax on the decks overlooking the Coral Sea or in the air-conditioned lounges. With a state-of-the-art ride control system for a smooth journey – even when travelling at 32 knots, the latest dive gear, hot freshwater showers, change rooms and even a licensed bar, everything about a day on Silversonic is designed for an amazing day on the Reef.

Ready to explore more dive sites?

Silverswift aerial
Silverswift aerial

Silversonic’s identical sistership, Silverswift, operates from Cairns visiting spectacular sites at Thetford, Milln, Flynn or Pellowe Reefs.  The reef systems Silversonic and Silverswift visit are just over 100km apart giving rise to different styles of reef formations and marine life, each offering unforgettable experiences for divers and snorkellers.

The Silver Series 

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