COVID-19 – Aggressor Adventures’ ‘Clean, Refresh and Sanitize’ initiative

Aggressor Adventures CEO Wayne Brown has released a video in which he talks about a ‘Clean, Refresh and Sanitise' initiative being conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.
He explained: “At Aggressor Adventures, we strive to be an industry leader and we work hard to serve our guests to the very best of our abilities. This sometimes means adapting our business and service efforts to accommodate whatever life may throw at us. Our reservation and office staff are still working and open seven days a week. The yacht, river cruise and safari lodge staff are working hard to prepare for our returning guests through our ‘Clean, Refresh and Sanitise’ initiatives during this downtime to ensure you come back to a refreshed and ready adventure.

“Some of the items we’re working on include deep cleanings and disinfecting all areas for safe return of guests, running drills and training for response to emergency situations, refreshing and cleaning environmental systems, ie. air conditioners and water-makers, painting and repairing cosmetic wear and tear, organising, testing, and servicing emergency equipment, and updating all briefings and presentations.”
He concluded: “Aggressor Adventures will be ready and better-than-ever when we set-out with you on another ‘Adventure of a Lifetime'.”
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