OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Fish wrangling with the masterful Mustard

Posted by - 16th August 2017

Have you ever watched storm chasers? Where thrill-seekers chase, and get ridiculously close to mesmerising and dangerous tornados? Well, that is what was going through my mind on certain dives in the Red Sea during two weeks of underwater photography workshops with Alex Mustard. Don’t get me wrong, there were many dives when the waters

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OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Floating in the Ambience

Posted by - 20th June 2017

Opening the delivery box, I’m faced with the yellow shell of a complex-looking machine, the AP Evolution rebreather unit. This was to be my first challenge being the Scholar, leaning how to dive again. The difference between closed-circuit rebreathers and the more-commonly used open circuit set-up is that exhaled air in a rebreather system is

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OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Cave and island paradise

Posted by - 24th March 2017

  Towards the end of my year as the Scholar, the diving adventures keep getting more and more exciting. Last month, I was invited to join a cave film shoot with Evan Kovacs from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Advanced Imaging and Visualization Lab. Thereafter, I flew out to the Falkland Islands and joined a scientific

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OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Patagonian cold-water corals

Posted by - 6th March 2017

Our-World Underwater Scholar Felix Butschek: The latest adventure of my Scholarship year was entirely focused on science and exploration. For my latest adventure as the Our-World Underwater Scholar, I joined a team of researchers from Chile and Germany, including the current Rolex Laureate for Exploration, Vreni Häussermann, to study cold-water corals of the Patagonian fjords. For this

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